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Spam and Virus Filtering

If you use email, you've more than likely had to battle spam. It's time-consuming, obnoxious and often times, offensive. Now you can rally against this menace with a filter that not only stops the spam, it learns which emails you consider spam and adds that to its arsenal of defense. Our standard spam filtering catches 95% of spam, and you never have to deal with it. Instead of messages marked as spam coming through to your inbox, they are stored on our systems over here in a web based management system. This allows you to optionally take care of them manually or allow our systems to automatically remove them after 20 days.

Win.Net Internet provides customers with the best email services available. Not only do all services include at least 1 email account, but all email accounts are eligible for spam filtering.

You can purchase additional spam and virus filtering for your account for only $1.00 per email address each month. While no system is 100% effective all of the time, this protection has eliminated a great deal of frustration and worry for customers who have it. We are constantly getting e-mails from customers thanking us for this service and how it has improved their level of enjoyment of the Internet experience.

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