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Lightspeed T1

It can be frustrating for a business to hear "Sorry, but you don't qualify for DSL." If your company relies on a dependable internet connection, but DSL isn't available and dialup won't cut it, we have the solution.

Our Lightspeed T1 is the Gold Standard of Reliability. Just like DSL, it is always on, but it is more dependable and it reaches upload and download speeds of 1500kbps. If you have mission-critical business functions, then you need a reliable Internet connection. T1s are great for both small and large businesses. Whether you have a company with 100 employees or operate an office out of you home, you will find that a T1 can handle all your Internet needs. Below you will find information on all the ways your company can use a T1 and all the benefits it has to offer.

If you require greater speed than that provided by a single T1, it is also possible to "bond" an additional circuit to it. Bonding refers to the possibility of using multiple circuits as one connection and allows us to greatly increase the connection speed provided to your location!

Get your free quote today by clicking here and find out just how affordable this sensational product is! You can also browse our general prices at the following links:
KY Zone 0 / KY Zone 1 / KY Zone 2 / KY Zone 3 / IN Zone 1

Features & Uses
  • VoIP
  • Streaming Video Surveillance
  • Hosting of Local Servers
  • Audio & Video Conferencing
  • Private Connections Between Offices
  • Sending of Large Files
  • Browsing for a Large Volume of Employees
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Symmetrical Service Speeds
  • Always Active
  • Available Regardless of Distance
  • Increased Stability & Reliability
  • Dedicated Connection 1
  • Superior Equipment 2
  • Static IP Addresses 3
    1 Your connection is not affected by other customers browsing habits, as cable services are subjected to.
    2 We provide and manage the Cisco router at your location to allow for superior performance and reliability.
    3 Useful for those who wish to host their own servers or have a means of remote administration.
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