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Helpful Hint!

Looking to check your e-mail while out of town? Try out our free Webmail service and check your e-mail from any computer with internet access!

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Can I check my e-mail while I am away from home?

You can view messages stored on our servers by visiting our WebMail, logging in with your username (e-mail address) and the correct password.  Do note that this only allows you to view messages stored on our server, if you leave your e-mail program running at home and it is not configured to keep a copy on the server it is very probable that you will not see any new messages within WebMail.

This can be solved by either changing your e-mail type to IMAP or by checking the "keep a copy of messages on the server" (or something similar) within your e-mail program.  This will ensure that a copy remains on our systems which will allow you to utilize WebMail to it's fullest potential.

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